I’m going to school again, so message me to keep me company!! It fucking sucks and I don’t have any fun classes. I need something to keep me going and I love getting messages more than anything. (P.S. If you message me and you’re not on anon I’ll follow you if I don’t already.)

Anonymous said: What color did you end up dying your hair

I died it blue again, because I couldn’t die it any other colour since I couldn’t bleach it :(

Anonymous said: Have you ever gone through a heartbreak?

No I haven’t actually… To do that you have to be in a relationship, or at least most of the time, and I’ve never been in one!

So I’m dying my hair again tomorrow and I don’t know what colour to do… So far I’ve had purple and blue. My hair is currently a light teal colour (as it’s fading from the colour in my icon) and I can’t bleach it again… So any suggestions?



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